Ready to learn how to make geode resin art? This class is for you!

No longer do you have to search several sites to learn how to make geode resin art. This class will teach you:

  • The supplies needed to get started
  • How to prep your canvas
  • How to prep your gems and color combos
  • The basics of using resin
  • Mistakes to avoid that can cause your art to become ruined
  • How to use a heat gun
  • The finish touches

Decor For Home

Create your own piece for your home.

Start A Business

Sell art as a business. Great way to make additional income.

Gift To Friends

Great way to make gifts for friends and family.

Hi, I’m Siera.

Siera's resin art class takes you through her supply list and will show you everything necessary to learn how to create this beautiful art.

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